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Full-Service Laundry Education for Professionals

Best Practices

Learning the Brio way will
increase productivity, improve
quality, and maximize

Good Training Makes
Happier, More Efficient

Cultivate a confident staff to
grow happier customers who
come back again and again.

Sticking To Your
Values Brings Value
To Your Brand

Focus on People, Planet & Profit
to drive your business goals.


Advance through Video Lessons with clear instructions in a thoughtful progression of lessons, and earn Quick Reference Guides that reinforce your knowledge.


Build knowledge through lessons, reviews, and tests with our user-friendly interface that rewards you with certificates as you progress.


Discover the laundry skills and tools unique to your industry through our custom software designed to fit your unique business model.


Gain a well-rounded education through courses focused on all aspects of the laundry industry – whether you’re an owner, operator, or subcontractor.

What We Offer You

Level Up Your Laundry Learning

100 Level


Discover the basics of well-organized laundry production: tagging, sorting, pretreating, washing, drying, folding, and delivering.

200 Level


Gain concrete insights into efficient workflow, like choosing laundry products, maximizing machine space, outsourcing, and increasing production pace.

300 Level


Master proven strategies for resolving common production challenges: whiter whites, packaging and bundling, faster folding, and damage compensation.

400 Level


Take your laundry business to new levels through optional services, increased production, managed costs, and effective marketing.

Why Choose Laundry University

  • All your employees will have the same training, so you get quality and consistency for your customers.
  • Designed by a Laundromat Owner (and laundry expert!) with a lifetime of expertise in Education for Laundry Professionals, Laundromat Owners and Independent Contractors.
  • Detailed instructions for production style laundry processing in easy to remember steps.
  • Lessons can be applied the same day they are learned. Printable Quick Reference Guides reinforce the lessons and are handy to have on hand as laundry skills are fine tuned and practiced on the job.

Who We Are

  • Brio Laundry: Disrupting the Laundry Industry Since 2013.

    Colleen Unema brought Brio Laundry to life as a second career, based on her values and ideas about environmental sustainability, outstanding customer service, and making the world a cleaner place. People noticed the difference right away, and Brio Laundry became a beacon for both customers and other aspiring entrepreneurs

  • Brio Cleaners: The Next Logical Step.

    In 2019, Colleen brought her vision to the dirtiest part of the cleaning industry – dry cleaning. Brio Cleaners is a truly CLEAN establishment, using just water, steam and all natural soaps, the wet-cleaning process ensures no noxious fumes and offers customers an elevated level of service as well as superior sustainability for the care of fine garments.

  • Laundry University: Bringing the Vision to You.

    In 2021, Colleen stepped away from the daily running of Brio Laundry and Cleaners, passing the torch to her son, Travis. Her new passion, echoing her first career as an educator, is teaching others how to replicate her Laundry Success Story. She hopes to train a new generation of laundry owners and operators how to make CLEAN fun and sustainable. And profitable. It’s all part of her work ethic: People, Planet, Profit.

“Brio and Laundry University are the best thing since sliced bread, or maybe washing machines — I’m not sure, but awesome nonetheless!” – Joseph Allen, Dirty Laundry Solutions

Ask A Laundry Expert

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many Courses are there?
    There are Four Courses. Each Course has 5 to 8 Lessons. The Courses start at the very beginning and progress into more detailed laundry processes.
  • How long will it take me?
    Each Lesson will take about thirty minutes. Each Lesson has a short Video, often with explanatory text and graphics, followed by a Quiz. Completing the short Quiz unlocks the next Lesson and offers students a Quick Reference Guide covering what they just learned.
  • Do I need a Desktop Computer?
    Not necessarily. It is true that in Desktop the videos will be bigger and the text more readable, and the University’s Student Dashboard and other elements are more complete and easier to use. But using any device with an internet connection will still work.
  • Can I pick and choose what classes are right for me?
    Good question! The University progresses from simple to complex; simply move through them and rewatch the ones you most need instruction on. We strongly suggest practicing the lessons in real life as you learn new laundry skills.
  1. Operators & Sole Proprietors
  2. Managers & Team Members
  3. Owners & Business Administrators
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