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Laundry Education & Best Practices

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Access to Laundry University will give you the training, resources, and support to thrive in the laundry industry, whether you run a Laundromat chain or business or just want to do laundry like a professional.



One Month of access to all Lessons from Courses 100 and 200.*

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3 Months of access to all Lessons from Courses 100, 200, 300, and 400.*

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1 Year of access to all Lessons from Courses 100, 200, 300, and 400. Full access to Points, Student Union (Forum), and more.*

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Laundry Certification 100

Course 100

Course 100 is all about mastering the basics so an operator can move through laundry quickly and efficiently while producing a quality product. The steps are broken down by increments to reduce laundry damage and customer mix-ups. Each step can be timeclock-measured and appropriately priced so that an operator can be confident of a healthy profit margin.

Key concepts include:

  • Tagging and Tracking of Customer Bags
  • Laundry Pre-Sort
  • Laundry Pre-Treatment
  • Washing
  • Drying
  • Folding
  • Staging and Bundling for Presentation
  • Delivery to Customer
Laundry Certification 200

Course 200

You have mastered the basics – getting laundry from pickup to delivery – with good results and efficient time management. Course 200 is focused on Production Management for maximizing your results and minimizing troubles. There are common pitfalls and situations that are familiar to anyone processing a lot of laundry.

Key concepts include:

  • Know Your Laundry Detergents
  • Minimizing Confusion and Mix-ups
  • Maximizing Washer Loads
  • Maximizing Dryer Space
  • Upper-Level Spotting and Pre-Treating
  • Managing Custody while Outsourcing
  • Top Tier Laundry Products
Laundry Certification 300

Course 300

Course 300 is developed to help you face laundry challenges and solve common problems while doing laundry for customers. Lessons are divided into topics such as identifying pain points for laundry finishing as well as learning how to fold, hand press, and stack for customer presentation. Also covered is managing whites in laundry, packaging and bundling, faster folding, and finally, learning how to handle customer interactions when inevitable damage to laundry occurs.

Key concepts include:

  • Next Level Laundry Finishing
  • Getting Whites Whiter
  • Packaging & Bundling Fails & Fixes
  • Fold Faster
  • Laundry Damage and Customer Compensation
Laundry Certification 400

Course 400

Course 400 is designed to take experienced Launderers to the next level in their business. You will be introduced to topics such as working with Dry Cleaners, as well as outsourcing and pricing, mending and alterations, and other optional services for your customers. Lessons include calculating costs of doing a load of laundry, from pickup to delivery, as well as managing time efficiently by developing a weekly plan, managing the costs of outsourcing, marketing your services, and predicting processing times for a mapped out hour-by-hour workflow designed for speed.

Key concepts include:

  • Managing Cost of Goods
  • Increasing Production by Planning Ahead
  • Managing the Costs of Outsourcing the Laundry
  • Marketing for Operators
  • Setting Up Laundry Production Goals
Student Union Logo

Student Union

Join us in the Student Union, a vibrant moderated exchange of all things laundry. Share your questions, observations, and challenges. Post your photos so we can share in your success! The University Profs will be there every step of the way to provide expert advice, product recommendations, and resources.

Dryer Side Chats Logo

Dryer Side Chats

Visit us by the Dryer and watch brief video segments and chats from our Founder, Colleen Unema, on laundry topics. Each segment covers one topic that can take your laundry skills up a notch, including subjects like folding fitted sheets, washing aprons, folding bathrobes, and more.

* Once you watch a Video Lesson and complete a Quiz successfully, that Class will be CLOSED. To refresh your memory, you can always claim the Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) you’ve earned. Plus, you can pursue further learning through the Dryer Side Chats and Student Union at the Expert and Professional levels.

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