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Panicked Customer

Panicked Customer

  • Started by Sunny Bert

    I received a call from a panicked customer who owns an AirBNB. Her previous guest has gotten blood all over the white comforter on the bed and she could not get it out. She called me and asked for help and needed the comforter back in less than 24 hours for her next guest to arrive. I picked it up, treated the stain, washed the comforter, and had it back in plenty of time for the new guests. Crisis averted and was able to provide excellent service for a repeat customer.

  • Started by Colleen

    Thanks Sunny! Great job!
    Looks like you will have to dial the size back. I will ask developers why such small file size.
    I am trying to upload the image of the stain remover you used, Carbona Stain Remover for Blood.

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