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Smile! You are on camera!

Smile! You are on camera!

  • Started by Colleen

    Pick-up and delivery isn’t rocket science but it can make – or break – a business / customer relationship. Doing it wrong can have long lasting negative affects.

    It is way “cheaper” to keep an existing customer than find a new one!

    ALWAYS assume you are on camera the moment you drive up. The owner(s) got a ping on their phone(s) of activity. They look, even though it is recorded for later review. They want to trust you – it is up to first impressions to reinforce what they want to do.
    Is your vehicle clean?
    Do you look professional?

    Pull up, get out of car. Look toward door, smile w/a small wave to acknowledge that they see you. Get laundry and place by door/or pick up laundry – take your delivery photo, look at camera, smile and a small wave goodbye.

    A few seconds of professionalism elevates your service to exceptional.

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